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A funny thing happen on the road to success, I ran into table top advertising, and the rest is history!! Hi, my name is Trent Griffith and I started Talk'n Tables with one purpose in mind, to build a national organization of successful entrepreneurs who will share their visions, ideas and selling techniques with each other to fulfill a common goal...success.

I discovered that being an independent distributor for a national company has its advantages and disadvantages. The advantage was that I had unlimited freedom to sell their concept "my way" and produce a quality product without the headache of manufacturing that product.

The disadvantage was I did not have the sales support needed to overcome the obstacles I discovered along the way. Don't get me wrong, the parent company does a great job of creating the ads, manufacturing the tables and conducting a week long training session on their "unique" product. There was just something missing in the sales support arena that I felt should be addressed. Being a seasoned sales professional I knew that I would rather have brainstorming sessions, via conference calls, e-mails, etc, with fellow professionals than call the manufacturer with a sales related questions. I created Talk'n Tables to fill a void in a otherwise sound concept in advertising.

Now that I have explained the "why's", lets talk about the "how". I will now give you a summary of the various stages each project goes through.

  •  Select a restaurant that is suitable for our patented marketing concept
  •  Explain the concept to the owners and sign a contract
  •  Put into motion the" lead generating concept"
  •  "Run" and "Sell"the leads
  •  Collect ad copy and submit to the manufacture
  •  Have final ad copy approved by all parties
  •  Receive final product from manufacture
  •  Install tables

This is a brief summary of the work involved from start to finish. We have created a "win win win" situation with the advertiser, restaurant and you.

By now I am sure you are asking yourself , " What type of income should I expect?" I can only answer by reminding you that you will be a independent distributor of this product. Your income will be predicated by the suitability of the restaurant and the skill in which you present the product, both of which you have 100% control.

If you are self-motivated and disciplined, a six figure income should be achievable and expected. If you are in constant need of "micro" management your local supermarket has an opening for you.

The Talk'n Tables organization is composed of "winners" and only "winners". If you feel you are a candidate and want more information, contact me at

Yes, It Works!

Working with Talk'N Tables has been a pleasure. I have appreciated your help in signing my first two restaurants. Your expertise was invaluable. Working with a network of people has facilitated my progress. I'm working on my first restaurant part-time and things are going well. Your encouragement through the ups and downs has helped me tremendously. I wish I could be at the conference and meet everyone face-to-face.

Take care,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say Thanks! Yet, how do you say thank you to someone who has helped turn your business around. Several months ago I became part of the Talk’n Tables network. I have to tell you, I’m not sure I would still be in this business had it not been for Talk’n Tables. I was at a crossroads of whether or not to keep going when I became part of the network. This was absolutely the right decision for me.

What has helped? You, Trent, have played a big part for starters. You have readily offered help and advice on many occasions, with patience. You have organized conference calls utilizing the expertise and experience of other associates in this business that has been both encouraging and informative. You also provide us with the essential tools needed to help improve everyone’s business.

Also, the name “Talk’n Tables” has been a tremendous support. This too has opened many doors for me.

Trent, again, thank you for your support and the opportunity to be part of such a great program.

Best Regards,
Eastern North Carolina Region

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