Talk'n Tables - Restaurant Table top Advertising

Why Your Restaurant?

Restaurant owners… This is your chance to be different and separate yourself from your competition, at no cost to you!!

Restaurant Owners Let Talk’n Tables replace your plain tabletops with customized one-of-a-kind tops that will reflect image and décor of your restaurant.

Talk’n Tables are made of solid oak with a polyurethane finish that is beautiful and durable. Talk’n Tables will work with you and your staff to design a tabletop that is unique and a reflection of your image.

When the design is complete, Talk’n Tables sells a limited amount of digitalized color advertisements to local businesses to be permanently encased in the tabletop. The end result will have your customers saying “WOW! What a great idea!”

How do you, the restaurant owner, benefit...

Let’s paint a picture… A local business owner has placed an ad on a Talk’n Tabletop in a popular local restaurant just like yours. Where is that business owner and his friends/business acquaintances going to go for lunch, dinner, or to entertain a customer? Where his ad is prominently displayed, of course! These ads will increase the frequency of established customers and create new ones to your restaurant.

Let’s paint another picture… A customer has just ordered a meal in his favorite restaurant and is now playing the “waiting game” by looking at his watch and wondering where the food is. The “waiting game” will become insignificant if it is spent reading colorful Talk’n Tables ads on your table.

Not only are we giving you beautiful new tabletops, we are bringing in new business and creating a “customer friendly” atmosphere. We are still trying to figure out how to do the dishes, but don't hold your breathe..!! Not bad for something that costs you absolutely nothing!!

Let's not forget our main goal ...
To create synergy between your restaurant and local businesses.
Everyone wins!
Your business increases!
The advertiser's business increases!
And it all started and continues at your restaurant!

One last thing, once the tables have been installed, Talk’n Tables throws an Installation Celebration Party. Everyone who advertised on your Talk’n Tables - and their friends - are invited to network, socialize, sample your food and drink. What a great time to showcase your restaurant... at no cost to you.

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