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Club 40
Installed: 2004
3390 W Chestnut St
Washington, PA 15301
(724) 225-1743


Marie Meeks, Owner:

"I have to be honest with you. When you first approached me with this idea I was reluctant to do it. I had never heard or even seen anything like this. But after some thought and talking to my husband, Mike, I said, 'Let's do it!' And I'm glad I did. Your Talk’n TablesTM exceeded my expectations. They're very classy and have given me something my competitors do not have.

"My business has increased because all the advertisers come in with their friends. Some of the friends have never been here before.

"Here's something that was very unexpected. We mentioned on the tables that we do catering. The week the tables were installed my catering business increased significantly.

"You were right... people really do read our tables. Thanks so much! I'm ready when your ready to do more table tops!"

Club 40

Sherrie, Long-Time Waitress:
"Everyone just loves the tables! I always see people reading the ads and many times writing the phone number down. I really love it when I bring the food and my customer says, 'Oh. So quick!' The food really didn't come out any faster - it's just that they were reading the ads and not looking at their watches. Let's do all the tables! Thanks so much."