Talk'n Tables - Restaurant Table top Advertising

Thinking about advertising at one of our restaurants??

We know your first thoughts:“Why does this advertising work when others I've tried failed?” A legitimate question...! So, let's talk.

It is of our opinion that there are two major ingredients that make advertising work:

  •  Repetition
  •  Absorption

If you see an ad over and over again aren’t you going to remember it? In its simplest form, isn’t this what advertising is all about - Making people remember your name so that when your services are needed they call you instead of your competition.

Most people are relaxed when they sit down to eat. What a great time to introduce them to your business!! Our concept puts your name in front of everyone that sits at those tables every day, week, and months for the next two years - 12 to 15,000 patrons per month. You can’t change the station, turn the page, or throw it away.

Don’t you think your business deserves the exposure that this classy, inexpensive advertising offers?
"Let Our Tables Do Your Talk'n!"

Call or e-mail- we have a lot more to talk about!

Your full color advertisement is prominently displayed — in the busiest section of the restaurant —on table tops constructed out of solid wood with a high gloss polyurethane finish. We do the work.

We provide complete graphic design services. We will design your ad and write the copy to your satisfaction.